Muscle Recovery

Studies have shown that Tart Cherries can be used as a safe way to treat muscle pain and inflammation.


Tart Cherry Juice Reduces Muscle Pain and Inflammation

  • Tart cherries may provide a safer, more natural way to treat muscle pain and inflammation than over the counter products.
  • A study of athlete runners show that consumption of tart cherry juice a week prior to the race reported less pain than runners who received a placebo.
  • The peel of the tart cherry contains the same amount of enzymes as anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen.

Is Tart Cherry Juice the New Super Recovery Drink?

  • Tart cherry juice can reduce oxidative stress, damage and inflammation after a marathon.
  • Test results show that many athletes recover faster when they drink tart cherry juice.
Additional Research

Expert: Tart Cherry Juice and Exercise Recovery

Research indicates tart cherry juice helps athletes recover muscle function post strenuous exercise by the antioxidants in it and reducing inflammation.

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Dried Tart Cherries Top Antioxidant List, May Aid Pain and Sleep

Dried tart cherries have one of the highest antioxidant counts. They can also aid in relieving the pain of arthritis and gout. These cherries also contain a natrual form of melatonin that helps with sleep.

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Cherry Antioxidants: From Farm to Table

Studies have shown that tart cherries can decrease blood levels and alleviate arthritis and gout symptoms. They have also shown properties that aid in anti-inflammatory and anticancer.

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Suggested Daily Routine

Routine A: Drink a cup of tart cherry juice right after your workout to help with muscle recovery and performance. 

Routine B: Eat a handful of dried tart cherries right after your work out.